New Campaign Selection Meeting for Raised Poor/Raised Working-Class Jews

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This meeting is a chance for members who come from working class and/or poor backgrounds to come together and discuss JFREJ's next campaign. Economic justice starts from within!

We know class definitions are really touchy and relationships with money can be complicated and personal. We hope you will be thoughtful about if this is the right space for you but we hope that you give it a go and come. If you are wondering about whether or not this space might be right for you, the Noticing Class Privilege worksheet might be helpful to consider, as is your experience with economic instability and scarcity.

We know that we have tons of feelings about class, and the intersection of class and Judaism, and we can imagine that you do too, but this meeting is not a broad conversation. This meeting is specifically to talk about what racial and economic justice work means to us as working class and poor Jews within JFREJ. We hope to stay on-topic to be able to present some great campaign ideas that are informed by our experiences of class disparity and economic injustice.

The New Campaign Selection Team