Campaign for Police Accountability

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In October of 2012, the JFREJ membership voted to launch a new campaign on policing, working with Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) and other organizations involved in the fight to end Stop & Frisk, NYPD surveillance of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities, and other related struggles. Building on our long history of organizing against police violence, racial profiling, Islamophobic surveillance, JFREJ has a key role to play in this city-wide grassroots work, both legislatively and in the streets.

JFREJ members at Seder in the Streets!

By organizing Jewish communities, we can mobilize constituencies currently untapped by CPR to support the coalition's work. Through the relationships we have built through our past work, we can help bring together seemingly disparate aspects of the growing movement around policing and incarceration. In our clusters of members in neighborhoods across the city, we have a tactically significant resource to offer struggles on the most local level. And through our creativity in action and our commitment to strong relationships of solidarity, JFREJ can be a vital part of making this a central issue in local politics.

If you have questions, or to get involved in the Campaign for Police Accountability, email campaign chairs emfole [at] gmail [dot] com (AJ) (emfole -at- gmail) or claude [dot] heffron [at] gmail [dot] com (Claude) (claude.heffron -at- gmail)

To join JFREJ's Campaign for Police Accountability listserve, please email AJ at emfole [at] gmail [dot] com (emfole -at- gmail)

Also - check the events page for the next campaign meeting and upcoming campaign events!