Victory over Mayor's Veto! Community Safety Act Passes NY City Council!

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Today we all made history: the New York City Council voted to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto and pass the Community Safety Act, establishing an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD and ending discriminatory policing in NYC! Mazel tov!

You and hundreds of other JFREJ members called, emailed, and met with your Council members urging them to vote for the two Community Safety Act bills. Alongside our partners, JFREJ members organized educational forums about discriminatory policing reaching thousands of New Yorkers, mobilized at press conferences, tweeted, posted, and made your voices heard. Together with the inspiring member organizations of Communities United for Police Reform from all parts of NYC, we persuaded our Council members to vote for the Community Safety Act -- and succeeded! The chamber was packed, as were the steps outside. Ultimately we had 39 votes in favor of the bill supporting the oversight of an NYPD Inspector general and 34 votes supporting expanded protections against profiling by police. You worked shoulder-to-shoulder with JFREJ's ally organizations as well as the lead sponsors of the Community Safety Act, Council members Jumaane Williams and former JFREJ Board member Brad Lander.

Today is a proud moment for New York City. Wins like this are only possible thanks to decades of strategic and visionary grassroots organizing led by the communities most directly targeted by injustice. JFREJ is honored to be a part of this unprecedented, powerful movement.

Now, we have both the federal judge's ruling against stop-and-frisk AND this powerful legislation behind our movement. There is so much change ahead!

As always, the work pushes forward! There is more city legislation to pass, and statewide legislation necessary to make policing truly accountable to all communities.

In honor of this historic win, and in support of the work ahead, will you make a donation today to Jews for Racial & Economic Justice? Click here to donate - let's celebrate this moment together.

Thank you so much for all that you do to make this work possible. Today is a day of great hope! I look forward to the wins we'll continue to share together!


Marjorie Dove Kent
Executive Director
Jews for Racial & Economic Justice