The Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship is back!

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The Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship has returned for another fabulous and powerful year!

The Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship is JFREJ's six-month program building political analysis and organizing skills for JFREJ member leaders. As a member-led organization, JFREJ believes in prioritizing the development of leaders to guide and grow the organization.

This year's fellowship will take place from October 2013 through March 2014 and will include retreats, trainings, organizing hours with JFREJ, mentorship, and fundraising goals. Click here to download the Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship Application.

The fellowship is an opportunity for both JFREJ newcomers and JFREJ leaders to develop their skills and political analysis while working to support the campaigns, events, and infrastructure of the organization. It is geared towards self-identifying Jews of all educational and class backgrounds, Jews of all races and cultural experiences, and all who seek to deepen their understanding of systemic injustice and share in JFREJ's work through solidarity and community organizing. Through the Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship, JFREJ will prioritize the leadership of Jews of color, poor and working class Jews, and other constituencies targeted by oppression within our Jewish communities. We hope you’ll spread the word!

Applications are due on August 12th at 5pm to rachel [at] jfrej [dot] org (subject: Grace%20Paley%20Organizing%20Fellowship) (Rachel [at] jfrej [dot] org.) Please contact Rachel for more details.