JFREJ Member Publishes a History of the New Jewish Agenda!

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Dear Friends,

I'm a long-time JFREJ member - most often seen in the annual Purimspiels - and I'm about to publish Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue: A History of New Jewish Agenda. I want to let the JFREJ network know about this upcoming book and ask for your help to spread the word about this crucial 1980's Jewish activist history.

I'm very excited to share this news with JFREJ, a group that has had such a huge impact on my own political and cultural life. In many ways, this is a history of where JFREJ comes from. NJA was active from 1980-1992 with a Social and Economic Justice Taskforce that addressed similar issues to those JFREJ has always been concerned with, and many of the early JFREJ leaders were also NJA members/organizers/staff. I'm also working with a number of JFREJ folks to make this research into a book: Daniel Lang/Levitsky and Rachel Mattson contribute illuminating afterwords essays, and Abigail Miller has created gorgeous original art that will be both the book cover and the art for a Celebrate People's History Poster produced in collaboration with justseeds.

I'm working with a small literary press to publish this research, originally created as a website, in book form. We're raising money for this independent publishing by pre-selling books and posters. Please check out our campaign!

Sending love and appreciation for the work of JFREJ and all who are part of Jewish movements for justice,

Ezra Nepon