Sukkot at Occupy Wall Street

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Our Sukkot celebration at Occupy Wall Street has begun! Last night, JFREJ members slept at Zuccotti Park, weathering the cold and rain to keep our sukkah standing. We are setting a precedent at Occupy Wall Street to enable covered structures. With your help, we may make possible the use of tents througout the park! Contact Rachel at Rachel [at] jfrej [dot] org (subject: I%20want%20to%20get%20involved%20with%20Sukkot%20at%20Occupy%20Wall%20Street) to get involved. 

Below is the schedule of events throughout the festival. This schedule can also be found on the JFREJ Facebook page. We will update it throughout the week.

Friday, October 14th

  • 1pm – Jummah Prayer for Muslim Solidarity
  • 3pm – Pre-Shabbat mediation – with light guiding by Naomi Less (a bissel of music, a bissel of silence, a lot of one-ness)
  • 7pm – Shabbat dinner supported by JFREJ donors
  • Post-Dinner - Zmirot/shira/singing - catalyzed by Naomi Less, please bring songs (English and Easy Hebrew or please provide song-sheets if it's a lot of Hebrew words), voices and instruments

Saturday, October 15th

  • 12pm – (For people who identify as women) Naomi Less facilitates "Finding your Voice": a discussion/ workshop for people who identify as women on some of the challenges, risks and reluctance for speaking out - and how to build your strength to do it!
  • 2pm - Nathanial Mahlberg of Protest Chaplains leading a non-violence training

Sunday, October 16th

  • AM - New Sukkah building gathering! The cops shut down our last one - let's try again! Time TBD
  • 11am – Carolyn Klassen leading “Boycott: A Jewish History of Resistance”
  • 1pm - Charles Lechner leading "Introduction to Movement Communications Strategy"
  • 4pm - Dages Keates leading "Being with Each Other: The Symbols of Sukkot"
  • 6pm - Rabbi Mike Rothbaum leading "Gimme Shelter: Housing Rights in Jewish Text"

Monday, October 17th

  • 12pm – Rabbi Jill Jacobs leading “Open Doors: Sukkot and the Vision of Collective Justice” – A workshop with text, music, and movement
  • 1:30-2:30pm - Donna Nevel leading "Responding to Our Adversaries: Building Campaigns of Resistance" - A workshop on building a foundation and being proactive, not reactive
  • 6pm - Yosef Goldman leading "Clouds of Glory: Spiritual dimensions of Sukkot"

Tuesday, October 18th

  • Ari Weiss from Uri LTzedek teaching - time TBD
  • 2pm – Yehudit Moch leading “Sexism and Feminist Revisioning of Sukkot”
  • 5pm - Prayer and song by Rabbi Ellen Lippmann and Cantor Lisa B. Segal of Kolot Chayeinu, with music by jazz great Roy Nathanson (possibly joined by Marc Ribot), and drummer extraordinaire Eve Sicular. Rabbi Ellen Lippmann teaching "The Sukkah as a fragile home." Teaching by Patrick Markee from Coalition for the Homeless, and City Councilmember (and JFREJ and Kolot Chayeinu member) Brad Lander about homelessness & affordable housing in New York City today.

Wednesday, October 19th

  • 12:30pm – Dara Silverman leading "Challenging anti-Jewish Oppression"
  • 3:30pm - Rabbi Michael Feinberg, of Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition, teaching