A Message from JFREJ

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L’shana Tova!

For the nearly 1,000 of you who were part of Kol Nidre services at Occupy Wall Street, who turned practice into protest, you know that 5772 has begun with a demand for justice. Let us feed and nurture that energy, continue to join with others to sustain it, and ensure that 5772 will be a year of great change!

Harnessing our energy

People around the world are reading about our historic Kol Nidre service. We were featured in the Huffington Post (Read the article here), and in blog posts, magazine articles, and tweets from New York to London to the Middle East. More video and article links can be found on the JFREJ Facebook page.

Taking it to the Next Level

We demanded justice at Kol Nidre. During Sukkot, we will put our bodies on the line. The eight-day festival of Sukkot reminds us of the abundance we have, and how very fragile that abundance is. The sukkah that we build, reminiscent of the fragile huts built in the days the Israelites spent wandering through the desert, represents shelter in a time of crisis, “the halfway point between slavery and liberation.” We are again at a halfway point. The movement has begun – will it take hold?

Join JFREJ and Jews throughout NYC as we spend the 8 days of Sukkot in a sukkah on Wall Street. This space will not be just a metaphor for the shelter of the Israelites. It will be a protest of the economic and material insecurity that so many in our country face. Our sukkah will be a place of movement building. Throughout the 8 day-festival we will offer trainings and teachings to push this movement forward.

Will you join us in this protest? We need members living in the sukkah 24 hours a day from the start of Sukkot on Wednesday October 12th through Wednesday, October 19th. Will you sign up for a shift? Will you plan a training or a teaching to take place during the festival? Will you host a meal in the sukkah? Will you provide materials, or the cost of materials, for those living on Wall Street for the week? Contact us at marjorie [at] jfrej [dot] org (subject: I%20want%20to%20get%20involved%20with%20Sukkot%20on%20Wall%20Street) .

Please note, we will be working with the organizers at Occupy Wall Street to ensure that this protest builds the larger movement. There is currently a strongly-enforced rule against building structures in Zuccotti park. We will work to ensure that our protest does not put others at greater risk.